I am Underworld Hip Hop !

I'm still working on this fuckin EP. I know a lot of people are probably pissed that I haven't dropped this project yet but I need it to be everything I hear in my head which is CRAZY ! So the world can hear my vision. I can't  and won't settle for anything else. The fans might be a little confused at first but they will love this music. Its not my West Coast gangster rap that I have done in the past. don't get me wrong I love Gangster rap but I have aways wanted to be a little more Underworld. So when I ran into Shell Shock Digital I decided to do exactly what Ive always wanted to do no exceptions. And trust me I've heard that I'm crazy and I will let everyone down. but the truth is that I know they will understand and learn to love this music if there true fans. And for everybody else I just have to not give a fuck anymore. Because if I keep caring about what everyone thinks about me I can't grow as an artist. So as soon as I kNow this project is everything its supposed to be you will hear it. until then thank you for your patients and understanding ! Ohh yeah KEEP IT UNDERWORLD !!!!