My Show with Guilty Simpson and Apollo Brown

Man last night was Dope ! I seen when I got on stage the crowd was ready for some real Hip Hop. So I Knew I had to win them over. Lucky for my self Im always locked and loaded ! hahaha. So right when I hit the stage I Yell "REAL FUCKIN HIP HOP ! and the dj drops the beat and The C-Lance drums kick hard as Bruce Lee!!!! So I Go in !  and It was a real Hard set but I got threw it. at the end I get off stage and kids come up to me and say Much RESPECT. Keep doin what your doin. And thats all I need to keep going ! HIP Hop !

Ow yeah The big homie BIG LEFT SHOWED up to show me some love!!!! #ShellShockDigital #LaCokaNostraFamily !